Nothing Must Distract from Christ

Oct 7, 2014 3269

The Last Supper Restored, Leonardo Da Vinic


In Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting of The Last Supper, our Lord’s hands are empty. And therein lies an inspiring story.

Da Vinci dedicated three years to this painting, determined that it would be his crowning work. Before the unveiling, he decided to show it to a distinguished friend whose opinion he highly respected. The friend’s praise was unbounded. “The cup in Jesus’ hand,” he said, “is especially beautiful.”

Disappointed, at once Da Vinci began to paint out the cup. Astonished, the friend asked for an explanation. “Nothing,” Da Vinci explained, “must distract from the figure of Christ.”

How could you have a painting of the Lord’s Supper without a cup? It was so traditional. It seemed so essential! But now, when admirers gaze on Da Vinci’s masterpiece, no one notices that there is no cup. Their eyes are on the central figure, whose hands are stretched out invitingly.

There are many things in the picture of your life that can distract from Christ. They may be beautiful; they may be important, and even very religious and traditional.

Stand back, and survey the picture of your life, and then ask God, the Master Painter, to paint out those things that distract from Christ.

Eliezer Gonzalez – Story source unknown


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