Perfectly His Child

May 16, 2016 1515

The more I behold Christ’s perfect embodiment of infinite love and truth (as exemplified in his every motive, thought, look, word, and deed), the more my conscience would be vexed did I not also believe that his personal righteousness is imputed every moment to this foolish, erring, weak, stumbling believer.

Despite the fact that we strive to fulfill every known duty, we remain “unprofitable servants,” (Lk 17:10) righteous only by faith in the merits of Christ, for we all make many mistakes and must pray daily “forgive us our debts” (Mt 6:12). In other words, the Good News assures me that if I have given myself to Christ, I am perfectly his child, though not a perfect child.

While I am a sinner in myself all my days, in Christ I have perfect righteousness, for “this man (Jesus) receiveth sinners,” (Lk 15:2) and God is the one who justified the ungodly who believe.

While at every advance step in my Christian experience my penitence will deepen; and while I will make the apostle’s confession my own, “I know that in me … there dwelleth no good thing” (Rom 7:18); and my prayers will urgently ascend that the Saviour might help the disorders of my sin-sick soul; simultaneously, I will rejoice that Christ is made unto me righteousness, sanctification, wisdom, and redemption, and that I can never be lost while I trust in his merits.

– Des Ford. Adapted from “A Meditation upon the Everlasting Gospel”

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