Physical Healing Turns Hindus to Jesus – Parnasa, India

Jul 12, 2016 1508

Madhave and her husband learned what faith can do on evening at a Gospel gathering.

Madhave boldly testifies one night at a gospel meeting, after she and her husband learn what faith can do.

When Madhave prayed earnestly for her husband to be healed, God worked a miracle, and Hindus were transformed into Christ followers.

Madhave first heard about Jesus when she attended a gospel meeting run by GNU partner, Pr Joseph Usala a few weeks ago. Born into a Hindu family, Madhave practiced many idol worshipping rituals and spent much of her time at Hindu temples.  With a sick husband who was writhing with stomach pains, Madhave decided to attend the meetings when she heard about what was going on in town.

During one of the meetings, she began to pray for her husband’s healing. She told her husband to have faith and pray as well. The two of them prayed together for his pain all during the meeting, and a true miracle had occurred that night. Madhave’s husband’s pains were gone! Because they had been praying fervently, she knew it was only God who healed him. After the meeting, she asked Pr Joseph to share her testimony. He invited her up to the front. With shaky hands, she took the microphone and witnessed to the whole crowd:

It is unbelievable that my husband has been healed by Jesus tonight. Today is the first day I have come to know the power of Jesus and healing and of the Gospel. I am very thankful to Jesus for meeting us in this place tonight. I now have a desire to spread the Word of God, and my husband does as well.

Madhave and her husband believed in Jesus from that night onward, claiming him as the One True God who came to save this world. She has since decided to remove all the idol images from their home. Her husband has also said his life is now dedicated to Christ and that he wants to share his testimony with others. Madhave and her husband thank GNU and request your prayers as they turn from Hinduism and become new believers and disciples in Jesus.

– Laura Stewart (from the reports of Pr Joseph Usala)

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