Police Officer Responds to the Word – Rwanda

Mar 29, 2016 1278

Emma prepares for her radio programme

Emma prepares for her radio programme

Evangelist Emma’s weekly Jesus Only radio program is spreading the Gospel to thousands of listeners in Rwanda. During the program she presents from the book Jesus Only, broadcasting it to the large audience in audio form. To her surprise, she is often meeting people who thank her for the program and ask for a copy of Jesus Only.

One such person is a police officer named Remy. Hearing an early morning repeat of the program, he was moved by the message. Seeking a copy of Jesus Only, and wishing to meet Emma, he contacted her, saying,

I have been trying to contact you after I stumbled on your Jesus Only program while I was tuning my radio in the morning. Your message spoke to my heart and I was moved to know more about Jesus Only. Thank you for the presentation. There used to be a program before known as ‘Let us know Him’ but it disappeared! So when I heard your message, I became very glad. I wish to know more and to meet you.

Emma is organising to meet him and give him a copy of the book. She often meets with people like Remy, who have contacted her after hearing the program. The joy and enthusiasm with which she does so is a message in itself to those she meets and with whom she shares the Gospel.

– Ella Rodionoff

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