The Power of Gospel Television – Manda Padu, India

Nov 17, 2016 1357

The Power of Gospel Television

Pr Joseph preached the Gospel to new believers and Christians at Manda Padu, brought together by GNU’s Gospel Television.

In the village of Manda Padu, India, people throughout the community turned on their TVs with more than their usual excitement. This TV programme was one of the highlights of every week, but now in the coming week they would be welcoming its host to their very own village to meet with them, answer their questions, and share more of the message they loved to hear each week. The preacher of the Gospel television programme was coming to their village!

For them this TV show, unlike others, is more than entertainment – it has had a profound influence on their lives. Some of these people had been Hindus for as long as they could remember when they accidently come across the programme while channel surfing. In their own homes across Manda Padu, different people discovered the message of the Gospel for the first time. Hungering for more, they began watching the programme weekly. There are also people in that village who were already Christians, but began watching the programme to be encouraged in their faith, and to be reminded of the Gospel of grace.

One day, a group of viewers got together and decided to contact Pr Joseph, who hosts the GNU’s Gospel Television programme, to ask him to come to their village. When he came, he met with the believers of the community. He found that at least twenty-five of those people had found and accepted Jesus through the programme. They told of their joy at having accepted the Gospel, and shared how it was affecting their lives. Viswa Nada is one of these people. He says,

My ancestors were Hindus and my parents were Hindus and so I was born and brought up in a Hindu family. But one day I happened to see the GNU TV Programme. I was very touched and moved by the preaching about Jesus. That’s why I came to this meeting. The holy Gospel has changed my life and led me to accept Jesus as my Saviour. I am so happy that for all of my life I will give thanks to Jesus!

Viswa describes how the message has impacted his life, and how he actively shares his new found hope with others,

By hearing the word of God I learn many things and I share them with my family members and friends who still do not know about Jesus Christ. It is Jesus who helps me do this.

– Ella Rodionoff

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