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Apr 26, 2017 1590

The land is in a good location for people from Moturu and surrouding areas to come and hear the Good News

The land is in a good location for people from Moturu and surrouding areas to come and hear the Good News.

As new believers in Moturu, India, walk through their village, they smile with joy as they see a piece of land awaiting development. For them, this land is an answer to prayer. Finally they have a piece of land where a prayer hall can be built. Finally there is a place in their village where Gospel meetings can be held easily and accessible for all who live nearby.

It was in 2012 that Pr Joseph first travelled to the village of Moturu to preach the Gospel. In this village, where poverty and alcoholism thrived, locals began hearing about God’s love and grace. Pr Jospeh and his wife started travelling there each New Year’s Day to feed the poor widows and children of the community. Gradually people started accepting Jesus, but for five years they remained without a prayer hall, or anywhere to hold meetings to reach out to unbelievers in the village and surrounding areas.

Siva Sankar was one such person who, although he had heard Pr Joseph’s message for several years, hadn’t accepted Jesus. Like many in his village, he was an alcoholic, and was helpless in any attempt to leave that lifestyle behind. As his wife died many years ago and he never remarried, and both his daughter and son have grown up and left home, he lives alone.

But recently the message that Pr Joseph had been preaching touched his heart. He accepted Jesus into his life, and by the grace of God was able to give up alcohol. He saw the need for a prayer hall in his village, and as he had a piece of land next to his house, he agreed to rent it out so that one could be built. He says,

I had very, very horrible life in my past and I was drinking daily and could not survive without alcohol. But by the grace of God and by the holy Bible I came to know about Jesus. I stopped drinking now and my whole life is dedicated to Jesus. I am totally happy now in Christ Jesus. I give thanks to him.

– Ella Rodionoff

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