Q & A with GNU Partner, Mark Brinsmead

Feb 17, 2015 1611

1. Why did you decide to partner with GNU on a regular basis?

Mark-BrinsmeadPeople are like the two thieves at Calvary. Some mock Jesus, but others reach out to Christ and receive the Good News of the gospel. There was no time for the penitent thief to understand complex theological issues. He needed the simple message that Jesus Christ came into this world to save sinners. GNU preaches that simple hope to those who need it, right now.

2. How have you been blessed by the ministry of GNU?

GNU’s ministry challenges my thinking and adds enormously to my own personal spiritual experience. I appreciate its interdenominational approach and I particularly value its emphasis on the gospel.

3. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about becoming a GNU Partner?

I have seen many people make poor personal financial investments. Partnering with GNU gives people an investment of unutterable value in the final days of this earth’s history. I have come to realise that souls are more important than shares and securities, and that the dividends of the gospel are eternal.

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