Romans Article Issues 17 – 24

Oct 10, 2014 1947

by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 17

romans 17

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We all suffer from besetting sins. Romans 6 reveals the secret of overcoming sin. Some say the gospel means we are free from the law and therefore free to sin. The gospel says we are free from the law only as a method of salvation.

Issue No 18

romans 18


Chapters 6 and 7 of Romans are a parenthesis about sanctification. They are an aside from Paul’s main discussion of justification. Paul includes three sections on sanctification. 1) The Principle of Sanctification, 2) The Practice of Sanctification, and 3) The Preventive of Sanctification.

Issue No 19

romans 19


Here is what we are going to study in this session: We are going to study that after verse 4 in chapter 7 of Romans, from 5 down to 13, the problem of sin is spelled out. That’s because sin remains in the justified person, though it doesn’t reign.

Issue No 20

romans 20


The person Paul confesses about in Romans 7 is a mystery to many. Some say the wretch is Paul before his conversion. Others say it is Paul who has not yet learned the secret of victorious living. Our study reveals
that it is who Paul says it is. It is the mighty apostle Paul himself, the experienced Christian, still struggling with his sinful human nature.

Issue No 21

romans 21


If the Bible were a golden finger ring with a precious stone in the socket, then the sparkling point of that stone would be the eighth chapter of Romans. (Romans, of course, being the diamond itself.)

Issue No 22

romans 22


According to 2 Corinthians 3, this age is the age of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given to every believer as the Pledge of everlasting redemption, and resurrection from the dead.

Issue No 23

romans 23


What is this “law of the Spirit of life” we read about in Romans 8:27 It is another name for the gospel.

Issue No 24

romans 24


Law is descriptive and prescriptive, but it has no power. Law cannot forgive, and reading the Ten Commandments to oneself in answer to one’s carnal desires is like trying to hold a wolf by the jaws; it won’t work.

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