Rubbish Dump Dwellers Have Nothing But Jesus – Nandiwada, India

Mar 10, 2016 1840

Dust children 5

Pr Joseph praying for the “Children of the Dust.”

In Nandiwada, a village of “untouchables”, there are people who are even more “untouchable” than the others. They are the people who live in the garbage where all the town’s rubbish is put. They include many children and young people. Pr Joseph calls them “The Children of The Dust.” This is the same village where the Good News Children’s Care Centre is being built.

When I heard about their way of life, God led me to share the Gospel with them. They have now accepted Jesus into their lives.

Dust children 6

The people received physical food (rice) as well as spiritual food.

The people do not have proper clothes, food or shelter. They collect waste materials daily and sell them to the shop. With what little money they get they buy food. They only eat once a week and they do not have proper drinking water. Children are left without parents who died due to lack of good health since they do not have access to hospitals. They have no education. Moreover they had never heard about Jesus before.

It is holy God who inspired me to go and preach the holy Gospel to them. Every month I have been providing rice for them to eat and Saturday I provide some fruits to improve their health. I have given some old clothes to them and have been encouraging the children to go to school and study at the Good News Children’s Care Centre.

Dust Children 4

The people also gratefully received some clothing.

Every week I have been visiting them and sharing the holy Gospel to them. By the grace of God they have accepted Jesus in their lives. So now the ministry of GNU reaches even them,

Kanaka, an elderly woman who lives amid the rubbish, says,

We are ignored by society and so far no one came to us and took care of us. I am sure that Jesus has sent you to save these poor children’s lives and our souls. I give thanks to Jesus. – Pr Joseph Usala

Dust children

Prayer.. When you think about what you pray for, think also about these people.

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