Rwandans are coming to Christ thanks to friends like you!

Jun 10, 2015 2234

Sammy and Josephine live in Brussels, Belgium, and had been saving for years to return to Rwanda. When they finally returned in December 2014, they turned every moment of this family holiday into an adventure for Jesus Only.


A market in Rwanda. God is using ‘Jesus Only’ in a remarkable way in this country thanks to friends like you.

To begin with, Sammy and Josephine tried to find the remaining Jesus Only books so that they could minister for Christ in their own homeland. They were disappointed to find only 40 books remaining.

So they spent their holidays preaching in the local market, and they gave the books away as gifts only to those people who were the most passionate in responding to the gospel. As word spread throughout the local community, many people came begging for books. Sammy and Josephine could only take their names and contact details.

The locals were overwhelmed with gratitude to have Jesus preached to them. They reported that the Jesus Only books that had been handed out were so popular that they were already being passed from person to person in the community.

But that isn’t all. Having read Jesus Only, some returned, professing their new faith in Jesus Christ, and asking to be baptised. One of these new believers was a lady named Vestina.

Vestina spoke courageously to the people in the market and said, “In this book I have read about how God became man, how he humbled himself to become a human being, how he accepted to be accursed and yet he was not, and how he was mistreated and punished for the things he did not do.”

Sammy and Josephine encouraged Vestina, and many more people liker her, to seek out a Christian community and to start Gospel fellowships in their homes. Ongoing work has now begun to encourage these young and fanned into an even bigger Gospel work.

These powerful stories of lives being changed are only possible because of the support of friends like you. So, thank you for your gifts and prayers!

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