Seeking Silence

Feb 16, 2017 2106

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Seeking Silence

Most of my life, I’ve lived where you can hear traffic noise. Once I even lived next to a railway line! You can get so used to the constant noise that you forget what silence sounds like.

In the Bible, God taught Elijah a lesson about this.

Elijah the prophet was a guy who got his buzz from big announcements, and from being the centre of attention. But one time, when things weren’t going so well, he hid in a cave, thinking he’s a failure, and even having suicidal thoughts!

Then a powerful wind swept through the mountains. But that wasn’t God. Then came an earthquake, but that wasn’t God either. Then came a raging fire. But none of those were the voice of God.

Then came a “gentle whisper,” and in that still, small voice… was God.

If you’re finding it hard to hear the voice of God in your busy, hectic life, here’s a tip: make room for silence.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Seeking Silence

Make room for seeking silence.

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