Jul 7, 2016 1282

n2Good News has been spreading fast in Ukraine – thanks to the support of friends like you. Recently, GNU’s Eliezer Gonzalez and Philip Rodionoff presented the gospel through an evangelistic outreach in Kherson, Ukraine.

One of the many people whose lives were changed forever was a man named Sergei, who shares:

“Today I have made a decision to accept Jesus as my personal Saviour. I had heard people talk about God many times before, but Pastor Eliezer’s words were so very powerful, and the Holy Spirit touched my heart. It is as if the Holy Spirit pushed me toward God. I have also understood that this blessing is not just for myself, but that I must work to share it with others.

“Jesus Christ is so close to me!… Many things that I used to do before, I will never do again. I am becoming a changed man!

“These messages are very important… Our brothers from Australia, who bring us these powerful words from the Bible, help us to make decisions to stand on God’s side… Many people [here] need to hear about salvation!”

Thanks to your gifts and prayers, many people like Sergei are making sincere decisions to follow Christ. Please keep praying that our new brothers and sisters in Christ stay bold as they share their faith with others!

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