We Want to Serve God From Our Hearts – Cherson, Ukraine

Apr 11, 2016 1291

Raya, Eliezer, and Fyodor

Raya and Fyodor are making new commitments to the Lord! (Pictured here with Eliezer)

This past week in Cherson, Ukraine, Gospel meetings have attracted people of all ages and backgrounds.

One couple, Fyodor and Raya explain their up-bringing and the reason they attended the programme.  Raya says,

We lived in the Soviet Union, where I was a veterinarian. From our childhood we were taught to be atheists and to not believe in God. May grandparents prayed a lot, but in secret. People were not permitted at school or at university to show that they wished to serve God. It was considered a very bad thing and it was despised.

Raya next explains how her own family encouraged them to go hear the Gospel, and how their lives are being changed.

But our children asked us to come to this programme. We are very happy to be here with God. Thank you! Thank you! We want to be baptised. We have been living without being married, but now we want to be married in a church with God’s blessings. We want to serve God from our hearts.

Many people preach God these days but it is external only. We want to truly know God. If everyone were a Christian there would be no wars, and the earth would be the motherland for all people. We thank our children who asked us to come here. Thank you! Thank you!

Raya and Fyodor live in Cherson, Ukraine, where they have been attending the public Gospel programmes being presented by Dr Philip Rodionoff and Dr Eliezer Gonzalez.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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