Step/Week 3, Day 3 – Turn and Action: HOPE

May 6, 2020 980

Life Recovery Devotions StepWeek 3 Day 3 – Turn and Action HOPE

“Now your attitudes and thoughts must all be constantly changing for the better….you must be a new and different person” (Eph. 4:23, TLB).

Today we deal with the letter O in HOPE which stands for Openness to change. Are you ready for this? Are ready to make this step towards a better life? A change for the better!

God was my last resort and He filled the bill, or should I say, the God-shaped hole in my life. Hope really is openness to change because without change everything remains exactly the same, right? We resist change because of our fear of the unknown, or, in our despair, we think we don’t deserve anything better, so let’s just keep doing the same old, same old. But that doesn’t work, does it?

So, here’s the good news. Hope opens doors long since closed by your despair and addictions. Hope discovers what can be done instead of grumbling about what can’t be done. With God, hope will find a way through, always! There is probably a mountain of things that need changing in your life, but don’t worry, God is an expert at moving mountains and moulding them to the design and purpose He originally intended.

Allow God to make you better and not bitter. Allow Him to change your thoughts and attitudes as He aligns them with His way and will for your life. He will change you into the person He wants you to be. Remember that God never wastes a hurt and He can turn your despair into a bright hope. You will need to let Him into your life, so that He can start His work helping you through the road to recovery.

– Graham Hood 

Personal Reflection: So how has life been working out for you up to this point? Are you open to make some changes? Do you realise what God is willing to do for you? He wants to journey with you, each step of the way, as you follow the path that will bring you wholeness and recovery from your addictions.

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