Step/Week 8, Day 4 – Amends: Not for Them, but for You

May 6, 2020 850

Life Recovery Devotions StepWeek 8 Day 4 – Amends Not for Them but for You

“Love your enemies! Do good to them! Lend to them! And don’t be concerned about the fact that they won’t repay” (Lk. 6:35, TLB).

What Jesus is teaching in the above verse is very counter-cultural in the world we now live in. I mean, whoever heard of loving our enemies? Did I read that right? Yes, you did! Jesus’ teaching is full of wisdom.

You might be thinking: “I’m not sure I want to make amends to them, let alone forgive them!” At this moment in time, you don’t have to. When the time comes, Jesus will be there with you, enabling you to do just that. He will help you love and do good to your enemies, even lend something, if they’re in need.

Jesus is going to help you turn your attitude to your enemies right around. But why? Well, the resentments that you hold against another is slowly poisoning you. Left unattended, it will fester more and more in intensity within your life. It will cause you nothing but harm, and for that matter, it’s going to cause you more harm than the person you resent. They may have moved on, years ago, but you’re still carrying this heavy, unhelpful load of resentments. Do you not think that it’s time to let go of these resentments, with God’s help? You do—excellent!

As a further example, you need to remember how God treated you when you were His enemy. Did He leave you? No! Did He stop loving you? No! Did He want you to be in relationship with Him? You bet He did! Remembering this can spur you on to become willing to make amends to others and to forgive. Afterall, you’re going to be the biggest beneficiary from this course of positive action! Expect nothing in return from those you’ll eventually make amends to. God will give you your reward (see all of Lk. 6:35). You can live your reward now as well as in heaven!

– Graham Hood 

Personal Reflection: Can you imagine loving your enemies? How does that look to you? What barriers do you see in the way, that are stopping you from doing this? Ask God to remove those barriers and give you a willingness to want to make amends—to put things right with others.

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