Telling Lies for God – 10 Lies that Will Keep You from the Eternal Life

Aug 6, 2014 3710

PinnocchioIn the ten commandments we are told that lying is a very bad thing (Ex 20:16). In fact in Rev 21:8 the Bible tells us that liars will not be in the Kingdom of God.

So I thought to myself, what are some religious lies that Christians tell that will keep people from the kingdom… lies that we are all tempted to believe at some stage or another because of our sinful natures?

Here is my list.

What do you think? Do you disagree with any? Are there any other religious lies you would like to add?

  1. I am not a sinner.
  2. I am not as much a sinner as I used to be.
  3. I am less of a sinner than my neighbor.
  4. I love enough.
  5. Salvation is only for people who are just like me.
  6. My sins are too great for Jesus.
  7. Jesus is too holy to love and save me.
  8. There is something I must do before Jesus will accept me.
  9. Obedience is optional.
  10. My money and possessions belong to me.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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