THANK YOU! You’ve helped bring life to youth and mothers in Uganda

Mar 23, 2016 1402


GNU’s latest mission to Africa, “New Birth”, has been carried on the shoulders of two very young Australian women, Rebecca Gonzalez and Amy Adcock, in collaboration with Spring of Hope, Uganda. You will have read of the plans for this mission; perhaps your generosity has helped make it possible.

Rebecca and Amy, midwifery students, are working to educate women in how to care for themselves and their babies. Everywhere they have been greeted by crowds of beautiful people and enthusiastic children.

A highlight was the Christian youth conference, where Rebecca, unexpectedly, became the sole speaker. The Lord blessed her efforts greatly. At the end of the third day, a baptism was scheduled. At the water’s edge, there was a rush of young people who had been touched by God, so no one knows exactly how many people were baptised that day, however there were at least twenty who were counted.

Astonishingly for such a traditional culture, Rebecca was asked to perform the baptisms. She decided not to accept this invitation. Afterwards, Rebecca and Amy were asked to bless and pray with many of the candidates. We know that the visitors, the visited and those who made this mission possible have been abundantly blessed.

Thank you to all those who provided sponsorship for Rebecca and Amy’s mission trip. A great work has been done.

Moses Lukwago

Mar 29, 2016

Hi every one! I happened to be part of this wonderful event. It was amazing the way God used these two young ladies , Rebeca and Amy. The way Rebeca presented her sermons was so simple, understandable and easy to relate with. She simplified the gospel and that's what was needed. Their compassion to the expecting mothers during the free antenatal clinics they conducted in various remote places and the interactions they had with the under privileged children struck with severe neural malfunctions left a lusting impression. They may not have healed their Physical condition but they gave them hope by pointing them to Jesus. They gave them love by reaching out to them in their humble dwellings. Something they don't often get or see. Thank you so much GNU for sending these wonderful ladies to us. You have made my volunteer work in this place very pleasant. Please send them to Uganda again.

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