The Centre is Jesus

Sep 19, 2022 712

The Centre is Jesus

The Centre is Jesus

The ancient Greeks thought that the earth was stationary, and that the sun, moon, planets, and stars all revolved around the earth.

Then a guy called Copernicus came up with the idea – still wrong – that the sun was the centre of the universe.

Today, scientists generally consider that the universe doesn’t actually have a centre.

But in a real sense, most people today have gone back to thinking that they are the centre of the universe. With the idea of God out of the picture for many in our world today, the self – the individual – has become the definer of truth and reality. We live just for ourselves.

We’ve gone back to placing ourselves at the centre of the universe! The more things change, the more things stay the same!

But the idea that you are at the centre of the universe, or even the world, is just an illusion. Even today, the centre is Jesus.

Remember: You’re not the centre; Jesus is.

Elizezer Gonzalez

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