The Chains of the Past

Sep 19, 2022 1165

The Chains of the Past

The Chains of the Past

The chains of the past can be the hardest chains to break.

And the Bible, which is actually a very relevant book, talks about this.

It mentions,

…people… bound in chains, held fast by cords of affliction (Job 36:8.)

There are many people who know that there are issues from their past that are profoundly holding them back in their lives. And there are many more who don’t know it.

Breaking free from the chains of the past isn’t something you can do yourself, and it isn’t necessarily something that happens instantaneously.

You usually need the healing grace of God to work slowly but surely, powerfully but methodically, deep within your soul.

That’s because Jesus doesn’t only want our healing, but our growth through the process. And also because when he breaks our chains, he does a thorough job, so that we won’t be bound by them again.

Remember: Jesus can break the chains of your past.

Elizezer Gonzalez

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