The Lord’s Way

Jan 19, 2016 1321

Do not envy a violent man or choose any of his ways, for the Lord detests a perverse man but takes the upright into his confidence (Proverbs 2:31-32).

Violent men have little or no self control. With little provocation they lash out indiscriminately against their families, strangers or colleagues.

The Lord detests the actions of these bullies who are responsible for the plague of violence and domestic abuse that blights our society. He frowns upon those who pick on people weaker than themselves and make their lives a misery.

The media exalts the rambo types that blast their opposition into eternity, but that was not the Lord’s way of dealing with those who opposed him. By his example he taught us to pray for those who hate or persecute us (Matt. 5:44). He did not curse those who nailed him to a cross, but pled that the Father would forgive them.

The Lord does not despise a perverse man because he is perverse, but because of the damage his perversity does to others. The pain that his perversity does to others distresses the Lord. He is the one who “carries our sorrows.” He knows what it is to be abused because he, himself, “was despised and rejected by men” (Isa. 53:3).

Scripture goes on to say, “The Lord takes the upright into his confidence” (Prov. 2:32). He is the kind of person who will protect and care for you. He will guide you along the right path. So take the Man of Galilee as your role model and act as he would act. Place your hand in his today and walk a path that he would choose. It’s the best place to be.

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