The Miracle of Hope Children’s Home

Oct 22, 2018 1755

The Miracle of Hope Children’s Home

Hope Children’s Home is committed to serving the orphaned and vulnerable children in the community.

In September I, accompanied by friends of the ministry and good Samaritans, most of who happen to be university students, set up for a visit to one of the Children Homes located in Iganda, Uganda. For several months, it had been my desire to visit a children’s home and bless them with some gifts. I had therefore set myself the task of mobilising fellow university students to donate towards this end.

On our way to Hope Children’s Home, we stopped at a nearby supermarket where we bought several gifts and stuff for the kids. On arriving there we were warmly received by both the patron and matron of the institution, not to mention cheers from the children who were only too happy to receive visitors.

We found out that Hope Children’s Home was started in 2009 in a remote village in Eastern Uganda, in Nambale-Iganga District. The “Home” is now bringing the plight of the little known village to the attention of the international community. There are approximately 50 orphans and vulnerable children supported by the home, ranging from babies to teenagers. The home relies on the support of friends and well-wishers. It is mostly supported by a group of young people, many of them students in different parts of Uganda and other countries, who felt the need to support these very needy children. The home has also survived with support from the community. Many community members bring in food items, clothing, firewood and other support of the kind.

The home was founded by Henry Mutebe, a young man who grew up in this little village to witness the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS in this community. Henry was lucky to get a good education and after graduating with a first class degree in Development Studies, he left the city and committed to go back and support the community that saw him through the hard times of his childhood.


There are approximately 50 orphans and vulnerable children supported by the home


He convened a meeting with a few friends and asked each of them to commit 5000Ug.Shs each month. This would help him feed, accommodate and support some of these children, some of whom were abandoned and having one meal a day. This was the birth of the orphanage. Many young people have come to like the idea and have since been joining the team to keep changing the lives of these deprived children.

Most of the children have lost both parents, are abandoned, or are out of school and some are HIV+. Due to the condition of some of the children, and given the small capacity of the home, some of the children are supported from their parent’s homes.

After songs, poems and beautiful stories that the children presented to us, we stayed on for a fifteen minute devotional time with the children. One of our friends played guitar as they sang – action songs and “How Great Thou Art.” It was lovely. Then I was asked to speak to the children.

We said our goodbyes and promised to be back.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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