The Purpose of Life

Aug 24, 2013 1850

This week is the Good News Unlimited Seminar. Dr Eliezer Gonzalez will present at 2.25 pm, and Dr Desmond Ford will present at shortly after.

This week’s program will be as follows:
2.15pm: Gospel music

2.25: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez – Nobody Comes to Jesus in their Sunday Best
Eliezer’s devotional before Des’ main presentation, is part of the series, “New Testament Gems,” considering often-overlooked passages in the New Testament. This one is an important message about the Christian wardrobe, called “Nobody Comes to Jesus in their Sunday Best.” It is based on Matthew 27:35.

2.45: Dr Desmond Ford – The Purpose of Life
Why are we here? How Should We live? Do we have responsibilities? If so, how can we fulfill them?

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