The Woodpile

Mar 6, 2017 2551

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The Woodpile

On our annual family holiday, we go camping by the sea on the beautiful northern NSW Coast. Our campground has fire pits, with free wood of all sizes provided, from tinder to logs. I love it that it’s all there ready to use.

But many of the other guys bring their own axes, and they get wood from the same woodpile, and they chop away at the wood before using it for their fire.

What I can’t understand is that the work’s already been done! Maybe it’s got some therapeutic value for wounded male egos. I guess it’s “a guy thing.”

It’s fine for the guys to swing their axes, but when it comes to the free gift of salvation, we can’t afford to chop the wood that God has already chopped.

Why work for what has already been given to us as a gift? Because to work for it is to lose it.

Eliezer Gonzalez

The Woodpile

Why work for what’s already been given to us as a gift?

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