Tracing God’s Beauty

May 27, 2014 1611

BeautyI once bought a greeting card that read : “If beauty is as beauty does then God must be beautiful”.

It spoke to my heart then and it still does. Tracing God throughout his universe leaves one with an endless trail of amazement and breathless wonderment of what Beauty does. The sounds of music which delight, uplift, heal; the aromas, the flavours, the sights that enthral. Even though it is now fragmentary and there is much that does not belong – there were no category 4 hurricanes, destructive earthquakes, brain cancer, pain and dying in God’s original garden. I like the analogy of a broken mirror. There is still a reflection of the goodness and glory of God in the broken pieces of creation. The signature of its Creator is indelibly etched into the earth and sky and the endless realms of His unfathomable universe.

But this trail of Beauty leads us to the most unexpected place in God’s universe. The wonder of wonders where God’s beauty leaves us speechless and on our knees in adoration and worship. Via Bethlehem we find ourselves at the foot of the cross.

With shattering simplicity, the mystery unfolds
A small bouquet of cells becomes a living child
Fathered by the great I AM”

At the foot of cross You have brought me to a sacred place to behold your beauty, oh my God.

The God of the Bible is the one whose beauty is revealed in his love. It is here that he is revealed as he truly is- the wonderful God of grace.

Bilyana De Soto

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