Unlimited: Christ Gives You Everlasting Life

Dec 14, 2016 1054

Everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die (John 11:26).

The one thing the four Gospels have in common is a Christ who must not only die, but also rise again. In the New Testament, Christ’s resurrection is part of the cross event. They belong together, as the old spiritual says, “It’s Friday; Sunday’s A-Comin’!”

Jesus was condemned for our sins, but was raised for our justification. The Christian learns not to look at things that are seen, but things that are unseen. Things that are unseen get progressively better. I tell you, eternity is a lot sweeter the older you get.

The great and glorious future resurrection must never be lost sight of. We have its beginnings now in the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit energises us with faith, hope and love, but that is only the first fruits of a glory that is to come.

It’s a wonderful thing to know, dear friend, that now you are a Christian; now you are in Christ, you are immortal. You may sleep in the grave, but only until the great Resurrection Day.

In Christ, you have the verdict of the Last Judgment. In Him you have everlasting life. In Christ, you have received the Holy Spirit, and Christ says that through the Spirit, because we are in Him, He is in us. – Desmond Ford

Eli’s Reflection: What’s your idea of what your resurrection life will be like? Perhaps think about your greatest dreams and wishes here on earth and multiply them a thousand times, and then realise that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the reality that God has prepared for you. What can you do to honour God and celebrate that now?

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