Unlimited: Christ is the Best Teacher

Dec 23, 2021 1356

Unlimited: Christ is the Best Teacher

He expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself (Luke 24:27, KJV).

The two disciples on the road to Emmaus had a great journey, because they were walking with the best teacher, who could interpret the Scriptures with all the wisdom of God. Let us, also, walk with this wonderful teacher, because until we have learned his wisdom, we will never understand the gift of his salvation.

This great Teacher used the best book in the world for his textbook. He could have told them things they had never heard before, but instead he taught them from familiar passages of Scripture. The Son of God knew that as he interpreted the Word of God, its wisdom would touch their hearts in a way that reasoning and speculation could never do. Meditation upon the Word of God would convince them of truth. When Jesus himself sought to enrich others, he used the Holy Scriptures as his textbook.

Let us, also, walk with this wonderful teacher.

Jesus led these fortunate disciples to consider the best subject in the world, for Jesus spoke about Jesus, and explained everything about himself. Our Lord chose the most beautiful topic possible – himself and his work. And when we are studying the Word of God, these are the topics we should also focus on. What a blessing it is to study the Bible with Jesus as both our teacher and our lesson! – Charles Spurgeon

Reflection: My mother was a very humble lady who used to pray that Lord would teach her children, because she felt insufficient for such a great responsibility. The Bible says that Jesus himself will teach us if we let him. Make that your prayer, to be taught by Jesus.

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