Unlimited: God Freely Gives

Nov 27, 2016 1397

He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? (Romans 8:32).

If this is not a promise in form, it is in fact. Indeed, it is more than one promise, it is a conglomerate of promises. It is a mass of rubies, and emeralds, and diamonds, with a nugget of gold for their setting.

What can the Lord deny us after giving us Jesus? …If we need all things in heaven and earth, He will grant them to us: for if there had been a limit anywhere, He would have kept back His own Son.

What do I want today? I have only to ask for it. I may seek earnestly, but not as if I had to use pressure and extort an unwilling gift from the Lord’s hand; for He will give freely. Of His own He gave us His own Son. Certainly no one would have proposed such a gift to Him. No one would have ventured to ask for it. It would have been too presumptuous.

He freely gave His Only-begotten, and, O my soul, can you not trust your heavenly Father to give you anything, to give you everything? Thy poor prayer would have no force with Omnipotence if force were needed; but His love, like a spring, rises of itself and overflows for the supply of all your needs. – Charles Spurgeon

Eli’s Reflection: Think of someone to whom you could show some over-the-top generosity, and if they don’t deserve it, all the better! Why don’t you think of something extravagant that you could do for them, and do something to break the conditions that you usually put on your own generosity. After all, God has no limits in His love for you!

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