Unlimited: God Hears His Children

Jan 22, 2017 1113

When you pray, I will listen (Jeremiah 29:12).

It seems that the more connected we are with the world, the more disconnected we become from each other. People wander around, lost in a world of noise, and they wonder if anyone listens. We can upgrade our phones but we never seem to be able to upgrade our communication.

Sometimes, we think of God as being distant in that kind of way. But in the Kingdom of God, it works differently. Yes, God hears our prayers, but it gets even better than that! God says,

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear (Isaiah 65:24).

In the Kingdom of God we are connected with Him all the time, so that evenbefore we call Him, He answers, and He knows what we’ve said even beforewe’ve finished saying it. There’s no communication system on earth that can compare to that! And that should make you feel very safe in the Kingdom of God, whatever dangers that you may face.

It’s kind of like God’s own ultra-advanced Kingdom-technology that He makes available to you. You don’t even need a contract. It’s all been paid for by Jesus Christ, so you get it for free. Jesus has an open-door policy: it’s called prayer. – Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: Find a fellow believer in Jesus in the coming week with whom you can talk about prayer. Discuss these kinds of questions: How real is prayer to you? How would you feel if you didn’t have prayer in your life? Swap experiences of how you have been blessed by prayer.

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