Unlimited: His Holy People

Mar 28, 2022 1399

Unlimited: His Holy People

To all in Rome who are loved by God and called to be his holy people (Romans 1:7a)

Paul continually emphasises God’s gracious acts on our behalf, rather than our own actions. That’s why here, he doesn’t write, “To all in Rome who love God and who have chosen to be his holy people.” No, Paul always emphasises that God loved us first, and that he has chosen and called us. Because Paul always emphasises how much he owes God, he is always able to be supremely grateful.

This is a sobering thought for those who are so easily tempted into the kind of religion that makes you, and your opinions and what you need, and what you want, the centre and focus of the universe.

Being loved by God comes before being called to be his holy people.

Paul is telling us that being loved by God is followed by being called by God. The followers of Jesus in Rome had been called to be his holy people. We tend to have the wrong idea about what holiness means. This doesn’t mean that the believers in Rome have been called to struggle to live perfect lives. It means, instead, that God has called then to be set apart for a special purpose, as his special treasure.

Spiritual Application

The first and greatest distinction in your life is the fact that you are loved by God. What is your favourite worship song or hymn that reminds of you God’s love? Make it your theme song for the week. Memorise the words, and sing it throughout the week. You will have a great week!

Eliezer Gonzalez

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