Unlimited: Jesus Died at the Place of the Skull

Dec 14, 2016 1255

Christ is the Head of the church, His body, of which He is the Saviour (Ephesians 5:23).

At Golgotha (“place of the skull”) our Lord was publicly treated as refuse. The Latin name of the place was “Calvary,” and it means the same thing. Probably the site got its name from the skulls and dead bones that remained there after the former crucifixions. At this site, death appeared in the most disgusting shape. Only the most abject of all men ended their days on Golgotha. Thus Christ became for us “a worm and not a man” (Psalm 22:6).

A skull is an empty head, and Christianity is foolishness to them that perish, because the wicked cannot understand a love so intense as to consent to complete self-emptying. But for the believer, Golgotha represents the wisdom of God, where the Head of the church gave Himself for all. It should remind us that not only by creation, but also by redemption, “the head of every man is Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:3).

The place of execution is further described as being “outside the gate” (Hebrews 13:12). Beyond the city was the place for lepers and garbage. Here Christ went for our sakes to the place of shame, rejection and pain. Christ suffered “outside the gate.” – Desmond Ford

Eli’s Reflection: When you consider that Christ allowed Himself to be made nothing so you could have everything, and that He allowed Himself to be treated as the lowest, so He might raise you up on high in His kingdom, doesn’t this make you want to praise and honour Him? Is there a worship song or a hymn that expresses this and resonates with your heart? Pause to play it, listen to the lyrics, and sing along. Thank Jesus for all you’re worth.

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