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Jesus Proclaims the Good News

After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news” (Mark, 1:14–15, NIV).

Jesus returns from the wilderness and preaches the Gospel, proclaims the Good News straight away. There are lots of people today who’ll tell you what the Gospel is. But let’s hear it from Christ’s own lips.

The statement, “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” must have been something that Jesus would have often repeated during the early part of his ministry.

Jesus Proclaims The Good News: Repent & Believe

It was an exciting message for the people to hear. But the idea of the kingdom of God having come near didn’t mean that it was near, but not here.

It actually meant that the kingdom of God was present here and now. It meant that while there was nothing that the people could do to reach the kingdom of God, the kingdom of God had come to them. This is what people hear when Jesus proclaims the Good News of God.

The Jewish people believed that when the Messiah came, he would bring the Kingdom of God with Him to this earth. And that’s what Jesus was proclaiming: that He was the Promised One, and that he had brought the kingdom of God to them.

Notice the two conditions that Jesus announced that were necessary for us to receive the kingdom of God: repent and believe.

It was a simple but powerful message that electrified the countryside.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: 2,000 years ago, when Jesus proclaimed that the Kingdom of God was near, He was saying that it was right here for all those who repent and believe. How near do you think it is today? How near is the kingdom of God in your own life? Think about it and invite Jesus to be near.

Help Spread the Good News

Kwana Malipo

Dec 24, 2023

Thanks for the word of God which you always share with me. I would feel very excited if you may come and visit us here in the Dzaleka refugee camp, Dowa Malawi at our church named Adonai Pentecostal church international Dzaleka. I am a Sunday school teacher. I looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks


Oct 7, 2020

I truly thank God for being in my life I have always given my life to the Lord and I have always felt in my heart that God has always been here and near in my life cause the battle I truly have been through it was my true belief in my God who has pulling me up out the hole I had cause for myself Today in my life God is so near he has always been near us it is such a beautiful feeling to know and believe that God will always be here and near to us living on earth day in and day out is like living in the wilderness among Satan and Angel so as a person who turn there life over to the Lord I feel more Joy and praise in my life as a whole giving my whole heart to Jesus Christ the mighty son of God our father.amen

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