Unlimited: Jesus Sweat Blood For You

Jan 3, 2017 1121

He was in such agony of spirit that His sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood (Luke 22:44, NLT).

When Jesus sweat drops of blood there in the garden, it was a new sight for the angels.  They had seen their brother angels rebel against God, and they had seen the conflict that followed and they had seen these rebel angels hurled over the battlements of Heaven. They had seen Sennacherib come up with his men, and they had seen 180,000 Assyrians laid low by the sword when the angel of God smote them in the night…

But never before had the angels beheld such a sight as when they looked down upon the garden of Gethsemane and saw the son of God kneeling there, sweating drops of blood as He agonized over man…. He didn’t sweat those drops of blood because of any physical suffering. It wasn’t because of any fear of death… No. It was because of His grief for man….

What do the angels care about political principles?  What do they care about a forty-story skyscraper or reclaiming the deserts of the west?  What do they care about pictures, art or science?  The only thing they’re interested in is the salvation of man.  If you want to make the bells of Heaven ring, get down on your knees.  Tell a sinner about Jesus Christ if you want to hear the Heavenly bells. – Billy Sunday

Eli’s Reflection: Just like Billy Sunday says, let’s make the bells of heaven ring! Think of someone who you know, who needs to hear about Jesus. Ask God to create the right opportunity for you to share Jesus with that person in the next week. Then be alert and ready to set some bells a-ringin’, because you can be as sure as night follows day that God will create that opportunity for you!

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