Unlimited: Let Us Behave Decently

Sep 21, 2023 395

Unlimited: Let Us Behave Decently

Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy (Romans 13:13.)

Roman society was known for its drunken carousing, immorality and debauchery. Despite their moralistic pronouncements, the wealthy considered this kind of lifestyle to be a sign of success in life. At the banquets of the wealthy, there was a special room to which you would go to induce vomiting so you could go back and continue gorging yourself. It was called, the “vomitorium.” For the lower classes, this was the kind of lifestyle to which they aspired.

Our walk in the world should be decent, as in the daytime.

It is also important to see how Paul ranks dissension and jealousy alongside sexual immortality and debauchery. How many families, businesses, and even churches tear themselves apart through jealousy and dissension, all the time thinking that they are better than those who are in the grip of sexual immorality! Paul is referring to all these kinds of behaviours as “indecent.”

Using three pairs of sinful activities, Paul describes what walking in darkness looks like. Paul draws these behaviours from the immoral society of his day, but they are just as relevant for today: carousing and drunkenness; sexual immorality and debauchery; and dissension and jealousy. Throughout his epistles, it is notable that Paul consistently condemns sexual immorality among believers as a betrayal of the Gospel and as something that destroys the work of the church.

Spiritual Application

Our walk in the world should be decent, as in the daytime. We are to work the works of light, and not the works of darkness. Which works are you working?

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Allan David

Sep 22, 2023

As simple as the message may appear, it is heartening to see your self in the exact pace guilty but trying to fix the same with pretense. I feel so a shamed and pray that you stand with me in this particular walk for the good of my life.


Sep 21, 2023

In Jesus name! I'm guilty of the points the message stressed. I ask that you pray with me to be delivered. I have a feanse that we have planned to marry in order to make things right with the Lord. But we are changed with founding. We pray that the Lord help us so that his name will be glorified. Email: [email protected]

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