Unlimited: Not Ashamed

Apr 11, 2022 1474

Unlimited: Not Ashamed

For I am not ashamed of the gospel (Romans 1:16a)

It is notable that Paul writes that he is not ashamed of the Gospel. There were many reasons to be ashamed of the Gospel back then, perhaps even more than today.

The emotion that the word “ashamed” refers to here is a very strong one in the context of Paul’s culture. To be ashamed in this sense is to be so disgusted or offended by something so that you refuse to mention it.

The Gospel centred on a crucified man. Crucifixion was considered so offensively shameful that it was a great unmentionable in the Roman world. How could anyone announce that someone who had been crucified was actually both God and the Saviour of the world? It was sickeningly laughable.

Paul is not ashamed of the gospel – it is his glory and his joy.

The Christian idea of the Cross included the resurrection: the announcement that the crucified Messiah had risen from the grave and defeated death. This again was a shameful notion in the Roman world. It went against all proper education and human experience. To the Roman mind, death mean defeat. Death was the end. The idea of a resurrected man was something that only the very young or the extremely ignorant could ever believe.

However, Paul is not ashamed of the Gospel. Not at all! Instead the Gospel is Paul’s glory and his joy.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Johnson S. Olu. Aina

Apr 12, 2022

Surely He ( Jesus Christ) came as planned by God HIMSELF through Divine Interventions: was Seen at work; He Saw n made Corrections, was Crucified and Buried, Rose from Dead n Gloriously remain perfectly Alive till Eternity ❤️💙❤️ Alleluyahs Unlimited Amen. Unquestionable Grace and perfection in Jesus Christ is Real. Amen 🙏 Amen


Apr 12, 2022

I got to say on that notion Amen amen

Okurut Martin

Apr 12, 2022

So nice. To be ashamed means you are not sure about the of the matter. Some still are ashamed to be recognized as a born again in reare sense that Jesus is not God and is not the son of God according to Muslim faith. Islam recognizes Jesus as just a prophet and more so that God does not produce. So on my own stand firmly confessing Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior on ground that He is God. Am not ashamed of his perfect knowledge and wisdom.

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