Unlimited: Sins That Are Never Counted

Jul 12, 2022 905

Unlimited: Sins That Are Never Counted

Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord will never count against them (Romans 4:8)

Paul is still quoting Psalm 34:1–2, in which David is describing the reality of God’s forgiveness. The striking fact brought out in this verse is that once you have been forgiven, God will never count your sins against you. This is strikingly different to the common human way of “forgiving,” when another says, “I forgive but I won’t forget” or when they continually throw up your past in your face.

There are some who think that God is like a human being, who forgives but does not forget. By implication this means that after your sin, God will never treat you the same way as he did before your sin. He will never fully, completely, and absolutely accept you. That tends to be the natural human response to someone who has grievously harmed, but God is not like that at all! He will never count your sins against you!

God will never count your sins against you!

There are some who think that God’s forgiveness is provisional, in the sense that when you repent, he “forgives” you, but he keeps a record of your sin, and if you stumble later on, God will “unforgive” you, and roll back the full weight of your previous sin against you. What a slander against the grace of God!

The root meaning of the word translated here as “blessed” is happy. Paul is reminding us that a person can never truly be happy if they have a guilty conscience. Unforgiven sin will make you toss and turn on your pillow, give you indigestion, and steal away the joy of your life.

But you, because your sin has been forgiven by the Lord, can be truly happy.

Spiritual Application

Is there unforgiven sin in your life that is stealing away your happiness? Specifically bring it to the Lord so that your sins may be forgiven. Hold nothing back.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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