Unlimited: Start with Gratitude

Mar 30, 2022 1303

Unlimited: Start with Gratitude

First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you (Romans 1:8a)

Having dealt with the important preliminaries, Paul begins his letter to the church in Rome. As is so characteristic for Paul, he begins with gratitude.

Paul thanks “God through Jesus Christ.” When we thank God it is through Jesus. Every reason that we have for gratitude is because of Jesus.

Without Jesus, what reason would we have to thank God? What would have been our reality without Jesus Christ?

Every reason that we have for gratitude is because of Jesus.

It is through Jesus Christ that we can also thank God for our fellow believers, as Paul does. It’s not always easy to be thankful for the people with whom we travel the Christian path. After all, they are all flawed and sinful human beings, just as we are. Yet through Jesus Christ, we can be exceedingly thankful for them.

The reason why we can be exceedingly thankful for our fellow believers is that they are our spiritual family. As with any family, if we are open to them, they will encourage and inspire us with their love. On the other hand, they will give us wonderful occasions to love the unlovable, and to refine our characters as we negotiate sometimes difficult human relationships in humility, acceptance, and grace.

Spiritual Application

Try starting your day with gratitude. After you’ve woken up, spend five minutes specifically thanking God. Don’t just say the words, mean it. Try it for seven days. It could change your outlook and you might just keep doing it!

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Okurut Martin

Apr 1, 2022

Oh what a God we serve!. Thanks so much this message of gratitude. Infact some of us we grew in rural settings with diverse traditions where we are not groomed well most especially on the matter of thanks giving but thanks be to God for the Holy ghost that teaches a bout spiritual discipline. Thanks Jesus for your Agape.

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