Unlimited: The Source of the River of Life

Oct 15, 2021 1105

Unlimited: The Source of the River of Life

Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life (John 4:14, CEB).

Since ancient times, the source of the Nile has been a mystery. Even Alexander the Great is said to have asked about it, and a proverb arose: “It would be easier to find the source of the Nile.”

Although the source of the Nile today is popularly considered to be Lake Victoria in Uganda, the lake itself has large feeder rivers. Wherever it ultimately springs from, the Nile River is one of the great blessings given to the continent of Africa.

While the source of the Nile is still debated, there is a much more important river – one that has brought even greater blessings to all of humanity – whose source is clearly known. Jesus said,

Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them (John 7:37–38).

Jesus is the source of the river of life.

Early British explorers who tried to find the source of the Nile endured attacks by unhappy local tribes people, plagues of insects, and death in many forms. Unlike them, we don’t have to go through suffering to find the source of this river. Christ offers it to us freely.

Where is the River of Life? When we believe in Jesus, the river of life will flow within us. Drink deep, and share it with others. – Eliezer Gonzalez

Reflection: We tend to think of the River of Life as being in Paradise, far away, sometime in the future. Jesus promises that when you believe in him as the Source, the River of Life will flow from within you. What does this mean for you?

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Ebwa Mwakaea

Oct 15, 2021

thank you for your free devotional messages. It provides a healing and inspiring feeling. God bless

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