Unlimited: The Two Truths of Christianity

Nov 10, 2021 1425

Unlimited: The Two Truths of Christianity

What are mere mortals that you should think about them, human beings that you should care for them? (Psalm 8:4, NLT).

All our questions about the universe and existence are part of our main question: “What is man?” Who or what is this being that asks the questions?

Only the Christian revelation found in the Bible can rightly answer the question. It rejects the two traditional views: naive optimism (that humans are god-like and perfect) and cynical pessimism (that humans are worthless and totally evil). Creation and the Fall as recorded in Genesis are the only adequate explanation of the nature of man. Humankind, made in the moral image of God, by disobedience has become a hybrid: half-angel, half-demon.

Christianity revolves around two truths.

The Christian religion and the Gospel, revolves around these two truths: there is a God whom we can know, and we are unworthy of him because of our corrupt nature.

It is important for us to know both of these truths. It is equally dangerous for us to know God without knowing our own wretchedness, and to know our own wretchedness without knowing the Redeemer who can free us from it. The knowledge of only one of these points gives rise either to the pride of philosophers, who have known God, and not their own wretchedness, or to the despair of atheists, who know their own wretchedness, but not the Redeemer. – Des Ford (adapted)

Reflection: Some people know God more than their own wretchedness, and other people know their own wretchedness more than they know God. Which one do you tend towards more strongly? What does this tell you about the areas in which you need to grow in your walk with God?

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