Unlimited: What Happens After the Discipline?

Oct 9, 2019 1714

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Afterwards, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it (Hebrews 12:11, NIV).

A committed Christian can be very happy after experiencing a severe trial. It’s like the calm that comes after a storm.

Have you ever noticed the silver trail left in the water by a boat? Imagine that as God’s holy light that follows us everywhere, even when we have troubles. Perhaps you have been on the water during a storm, when the boat has been tossed about, and then have experienced the peace and calm when the storm has passed. This is like the peace that God’s love brings to our lives.

No matter how difficult your life, how many problems you face, God is not only with you, but he promises that you can have true peace in this life, and joyful reward in the life to come.

This is why we have so many stories in the Bible of God’s followers who praised him through their problems. They sang in prison, they prayed as they walked through the fire. They trusted God through every trial. They knew that in spite of any evil they were experiencing, the overflowing goodness of God would always be there to sustain them.

Who would not be a Christian? The Lord helps us bear our problems and difficulties now, and promises us the reward of Heaven forever.

– Charles Spurgeon (adapted)

Eli’s Reflection: Today may be full of burdens and fear. You may be overwhelmed by the trials of life. But we know that after this life, there will be great reward in Jesus. Rejoice now because you know what is coming.

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Yvette Garbutt

Oct 14, 2019

Am,so proud to have God in my life and I know he loves and cares for all of us he sent his only son Jesus to die for us on the cross of Calgary for our sins no matter who you are. If you haven't give your life to him now is the time because the signs are fast fulfilling and his coming is very near

Christine tuante

Oct 11, 2019

I am in the turning point of my life i want to be full of Gods words amd blessinga because right now im so lost and lots of trials comes my way. I wish trough this i will be healed and will be able to live according to Gods grace.


Oct 10, 2019

Thank you for the devotional thought; please pray for me to be strong in the Lord. George


Oct 9, 2019

I asked what buoyed his spirits up....and this one said , ‘‘tis this alone the blessed hope in Christ. Amen ?thanks for this day’s devotional. It spoke with me. I needed it. Amen ?

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