Unlimited: With a Loud Cry

Jun 21, 2021 1341

Unlimited: With a Loud Cry

With a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last (Mark 15:37, NIV).

While the people mock and ridicule him, Jesus was accomplishing the salvation of the world.

These next brief words seem to raise a universe of questions. Yet they represent the heart of the Gospel, the centre of redemption, the very core of the plan of salvation.

Mark emphasises that when Jesus died, it was in the fullness of his strength. He died with a “loud cry.” He didn’t die of asphyxiation or infection or exhaustion. He died of a heart literally broken for the sin of the world.

And then we have words, full of pathos, “Jesus breathed his last…”

This is an echo of Genesis 1, of that Spirit that hovered over the face of the waters, and of the breath of life through which man became a living being.

John 1 tells us that that Jesus, the Word, was the Creator of all things, and Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 3:17 that the Lord Jesus is the Spirit.

So, how could it be possible that the words “Jesus breathed his last” could ever have been penned?

The first breath of a new-born baby is a wonderfully precious moment.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: Have you reflected on the thought that Christ’s last breath was the first breath of a new humanity? It was your first breath of an eternal life which you receive when you accept that Christ’s last breath was for you. It’s as simple as that. Talk to Jesus about this.

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Jinhwa Hong

Sep 14, 2021

God is love

Ana Raramasi

Jun 24, 2021

That's the beauty of knowing Him... His last breath on the Cross was my first breath to Eternal life. Than You Jesus.

Bestman S. Smith

Jun 22, 2021

Thanks You For Making Me To Go Back And Read The Holy Book I Mean The Bible Indeed.

Sylivia T. Mutasingwa

Jun 21, 2021

Thanks for beautiful messages calling the eternal blessings. Personally i never realized the uniqueness of Jesus last breath. Your message have opened my mind. I have discovered that i should use that hour positively. Lastly i ask you to play for me as am passing through difficulties at my working place. I believe that Jesus will save me soon. May the eternal peace be with you all


Jun 21, 2021


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