The Two Rituals that Christ Instituted – Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Oct 3, 2017 2337

Eliezer Gonzalez

Oct 8, 2017

Well said, Tom.

Tom Durst

Oct 7, 2017

Romans 14 is very clear on these matters of dispute. "Let everyone be persuaded in his own mind" as to whether he chooses to observe sacred days or follow the Levitical food laws. It is NOT a matter of salvation whatsoever but a matter of individual conviction. In the early church to begin with those of a Jewish background were the majority and continued to observe parts of the Law of Moses but Gentile converts had no interest in these things for the most part. So Paul's counsel is very wise and will avoid divisions in the body of Christ. We have Messianic Jews today who accept Jesus as the Messiah but still observe parts of the Mosaic law. They have the freedom to do that. The problem only comes when we make these matters a part of our salvation. Our salvation is 100% grounded in the working of Jesus Christ and when we add other requirements to that we are committing a great sin which Paul addressed in Galatians.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Oct 6, 2017

Hi David – There have always been various views about these things within Christianity. As a ministry, GNU does not take a position on these matters, as we are centred only on the core issues of the Gospel. What we do believe is that the things you have mentioned are not issues that determine whether one is saved or not.

David Saunders

Oct 6, 2017

Many Jewish rabbis also consider the Sabbaths & yearly festivals to be rituals also. What do you believe? Also, what about the Levitical diet? Is it still obligatory?

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