Where the Gospel Needs to be Heard – Village Life in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Sep 8, 2015 2372

These are photos of village life that I took in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India, where Good News Unlimited is sharing the hope in Jesus Christ through the ministry of Pr Joseph Usala. Under each photo I have made some comments. Please pray for these people, and that the Holy Spirit will move powerfully in their hearts so that they may receive salvation in the name of Jesus… Scroll down to see the photos and my commentary… – Eliezer


This woman elderly woman lives alone in this hut. Her kitchen is to the right of the photo. She sleeps on the floor on the mat you can see inside the hut.


Inside another hut. This family has a few more possessions, and the luxury of a plastic sheet over part of the hut. Notice the proper bed. Cooking utensils are stored under the bed. Their prized possession is an electric fan, although they have no electricity. They live in hope.


Making a curry… village style.


Having a bath with a bucket in the evening.


Men returning from the paddy fields with the buffalos.


This is someone’s kitchen. Can you spot the Thermomix? No, there isn’t one.


This family is wealthy enough to have a goat.


Washing the dishes. This is a pleasant task. It means someone ate that day.


An elderly couple having dinner in their hut.


This village was developed by the government last year, and so it has some paved sidewalks. This helps with the mud.


This gives you an idea of what the landscape looks like in the rainy season. It is a scene of lush paddy fields dotted with tall palm trees. Notice the men and women working in the centre.


At certain times in the year, there is labouring work in the paddy fields for all the men and women in the village. You can see dozens of them hard at work in this photo. Here they are moving the young rice plants from the water to the dry ground. Men and women work in separate groups. Rice is the main staple food. If the crop is poor, there will be more hunger than usual.







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