Walk – by Bilyana de Soto

Feb 15, 2015 4405

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk – Acts 3:16

34_jesus-forgives-sins-and-heals-a-man-stricken-with-palsy_1800x1200_300dpi_3This passage is about the healing of a crippled man who had spent all his life sitting at the temple gate begging for money. John and Peter are about to enter the temple and offer to this man exceedingly more than he would have ever hoped for.  All he could possibly expect was money, and maybe an expression of kindness. But then again without hearing about Jesus, why would he expect more? Though this story is about physical healing in the first instance, it has a powerful spiritual application.

Who amongst us has not faced days, weeks, months and perhaps years where we found ourselves lame – crippled emotionally, physically, spiritually or perhaps financially? Immobilized and hemmed in by circumstances too big and too overwhelming to make a breakthrough. Just like the lame man in the story of the book of Acts, you’ve resigned yourself to mere survival routines of life, sapped of joy. The spring in your step is a distant memory long ago stolen by the winter blues.

It’s been a while since you’ve believed the words – “In the name of Jesus…walk”. Without Jesus in your life, your expectations of life are lowered. The lame man’s expectations of life were to merely eke out handouts. He was looking for basic physical survival when what he needed was far more – he needed a spiritual gift of salvation which only came in the name of Jesus and from Jesus.

No matter how much silver or gold he might have been given, he still would have remained a cripple. A cripple who would never be able to jump for joy, run towards a rainbow or stand up in his own right.

So do some spiritual spring–cleaning in the name of Jesus. “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” Walk towards your rainbow; walk from strength to strength; run to the Son of Righteousness with healing in his wings.

– Bilyana De Soto

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