What is the True Religion?

Aug 18, 2013 2651

We have received this from one of our friends on Facebook: “May I ask you a disturbing question? What is the true religion?

True-ReligionAlthough this is indeed a question that does disturb many people, when Jesus was asked this question, he did not find it disturbing at all. The Samaritan woman in John 4 asked Jesus whether the Jews had the true religion or the Samaritans had the true religion. Where was the right place of worship?

Jesus told her that “salvation is from the Jews,” but then he said to her that that was all about to change. He said to her in. v.23: “the time is coming—and is here!—when true worshippers will worship in spirit and truth. The Father looks for those who worship him this way.” Jesus also says in the Gospel of John that he is the truth (John 14:6), and that his words are spirit and life. And in John 3:16 tells us that “whoever” believes in the Son of God has eternal life. This is what true religion is all about. Humans complicate this, but Jesus came to simplify. True religion is peace, love, joy, and assurance in Christ.

We cannot define true religion according to an earthly church, or denomination, or organization. No earthly institution can control or dispense salvation. It is true that God has raised up movements from time to time within Christianity to bring people back to the message of the Gospel. But true religion itself is determined by the heart, and not by earthly organisations, no matter how much they may claim to have a divine origin.

True religion is defined only in the acceptance by faith of the death of Jesus Christ for your sins, and in his resurrection for your righteousness. When you have accepted that, then you will belong to his body, which is his church. But we should never think that the true church is limited by the boundaries of a specific, fallible human institution. God’s children belong to his church that is found everywhere throughout the world, and that includes heaven itself.

Of course, when you have accepted the Gospel, you will also want to follow Jesus with all that you are and with everything you have; in other words, to obey him. Where once you were a unrepentant law-breaker, you have now been saved by grace so that your desire is now to honour God in your life. This is because you have been saved, and not in order to be saved. It is your grateful response to the love of Jesus, instilled in you by the Holy Spirit whom Jesus has sent into your life. A “Christian,” as the name indicates, is someone who identifies with and follows Christ. This is what James was talking about in James 1:27.

So where should you worship? You should worship wherever the Gospel is preached. if you cannot find somewhere where the Gospel is preached and where Jesus is the centre, you can contact us about starting your own Good News Fellowship. We will be happy to help you get started. After all, the church is wherever believers in Jesus gather. In all of these matters we should be guided by the Word of God and the Spirit of the risen Jesus, whom He has sent to guide us into all truth. (John 16:13).

Eliezer Gonzalez


uwingabire emma

Jun 10, 2015

I need guidance how to get started, so that i can belong where good news is being preached! JESUS ONLY

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