Bedridden Widow Hears Gospel from Her Hut And Receives Healing

Oct 14, 2021 1377

Bedridden Widow Hears Gospel from Her Hut And Receives Healing

Ganga is a 55 year old woman from the village of Kalavapudi, India, who accepted Jesus into her life.

She was born in a forest tribal family and lived several years in the forest. In the forest all the tribal people worship snakes and trees as their main god. So she had been worshiping in the forest for years. As they lived in the forest, many people died due to sickness.

Ganga got married and had a husband and children. They came out from the forest tribal family and they were fishing in the rivers and living under a tree and built a hut of leaves. She worshiped snakes and trees every day.

One day while they were sleeping in the hut a poisonous snake came into the hut and bite her husband and he died after one hour. Then after a few months her elder son also died due to a snake bite. Then she did not know what to do. She began to rethink snake worshipping.

Slowly she left the place with her younger son and daughter and went to another place where some tribal people live on the bank of the river. There she started living and her younger son and daughter each married and went away. So she left alone in the hut.

One day a huge tree fell on her hut while she was sleeping in it. So her leg was broken and she was taken to the hospital and she was on the bed for a few months. She began to rethink tree worship.

She was laying on her bed in her nearby hut and heard the Holy Gospel.

One day I visited this tribal area and went house to house praying and sharing the Holy Gospel. Ganga shared with me everything that had happened in her life. I prayed for her.

The next week I conducted a Gospel meeting for the tribal people. So she was laying on her bed in her nearby hut and heard the Holy Gospel.

After the Gospel evangelism meeting I went to see her where she was in the hut. Then I prayed for her. After the prayer she said that she believes in Jesus.

Then I felt so happy about her and shared the Holy Gospel with her. So she started praying more and while she was praying she was healed in Christ. She came out of the hut and shared her testimony to all.

So she accepted Jesus into her life and she believes in Jesus and prays daily. She lives alone in the hut and she has been doing house cleaning work. She goes to house to house and cleans. Whatever they give she takes and goes to her hut and live like that. She is so happy in Christ.

She says,

It is Jesus who saved me. I was an idol worshipper and I worshipped snakes and I lost my husband and son. So I began to think about it. Later a big tree fell on my leg while I was in the hut sleeping. Again I began to think about it. So it is Jesus who saved me. I am so much thankful to Jesus in all my life.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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