Widowed Retiree Finds Joy In Jesus

Mar 4, 2021 1834

Widowed Retiree Finds Joy In Jesus
Petty made the decision to be baptised.

Petty is a 67 year old man from the village of Akula, India. He was raised in the highest Hindu social class and worked for the government, but when he retired he found himself all alone and was filled with disappointment. Then he stumbled across the GNU TV Programme.

Petty was born and brought up in the Hindu Brahmins, the highest ranking social class in Hinduism, who have been called the original Hindus and do all the rituals in the various temples and study the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita which is considered for Hindus the Holy Book. So Petty was born and brought up in that family and came from that background.

He had a government job and looked after his family and children. He visited various temples and did idol rituals that Hindus do. All of his sons and daughters were married in Hindu temples.

He had two sons and three daughters. There were no peace in his family and all of his sons and daughters did not stay but moved away and lived on their own. So he and his wife lived in the house alone and did Hindu rituals and prayers from inside the house.

“I have now peace of mind and I am so happy in Christ Jesus and Jesus is with me.”

After a few years, while he was still working, his wife died due to sickness. So he was left all alone in the house. When he retired he stayed at home and his sons and daughters did not care about him and did not visit. So he was very disappointed and did not know what to do.

One day he happened to see the GNU TV Programme and he heard the Holy Gospel and the Word of God touched his heart. He made a call to me, as I host the programme, and asked me to pray for him and to visit him one day.

So I prayed for him and visited him and shared with him the Holy Gospel. So he is very interested in knowing more about Jesus. I gave him a copy of the book “Jesus Only”. He read the book and watched the GNU TV Programme and accepted Jesus and believed in Jesus. He decided to be baptised and by the grace of God he was baptised and he is so happy in Christ Jesus.

Petty says,

It is Jesus and the Holy Gospel that changed my life and led me to know more about Jesus. Though my sons and daughters left me alone in the house, I live in the house reading the Holy Gospel and watching the GNU TV Programme. I have now peace of mind and I am so happy in Christ Jesus and Jesus is with me. Thanks to you all in Christ.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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Eugenio dos Santos menezes

Mar 23, 2021



Mar 5, 2021

Amen , Amen I myself have found more peace in my life then ever before cause GNU PROGRAM it fills me up on God's words Jesus Christ containing with my life today amen?

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