“With This Wheelchair You Must Go Out And Spread the Gospel” – Moturu, India

Mar 10, 2016 1572

Handicapped Boy 2

Ramesh has found mercy because of Sara’s faith in Jesus.

Ramesh is a 12 year old boy from a village called Moturu in India. He lost his parents when he was a small boy and now lives with an elderly woman named Sara who took him in and teaches him about Jesus.

Ramesh was born handicapped and left on the street with no one caring for him. So at a young age he started begging, dragging himself along through the mud. Sara is an elderly woman who has accepted Jesus and goes to prayer meetings, happened to see Ramash dragging himself along and crying with hunger and thirst. She felt pity on him and gave him food and shelter in her house.

Ramesh has no one but Sara. However, Sara and Ramesh are very poor and don’t have proper food or clothes. Ramesh had no money to go to school or to buy books and other things. Good News Unlimited and the message of the Gospel encourages me to help people like this, and so God led me to help support this boy with a little of my own money every month so he could study. The government has now given him wheel chair. With that wheel chair he is going to school daily. Sara says,

It is very, very difficult for me to look after this boy at my old age. It is Jesus who gives me firm faith to take care of this boy at my house. It is Jesus who has given me a kind heart to take this boy to my house. So I am so much thankful for Jesus in my life. I have been telling Ramesh also to not forget about Jesus. “With this wheel chair you must go out to spread the holy Gospel when you are old enough. Because of Jesus I brought you to my house so now you must also do the work of Jesus.”

– Pr Joseph Usala

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