You Have Everything for Today

Dec 19, 2015 1337

The Lord is My Shepherd…


My Shepherd,

When the morning mist hangs low in the valley

you take the lead

and see my need.

At the stream you find a shallow

on the brink

for me to drink.

You surround me with alpacas

to make it safe.

I’m but a waif!

You bandage my hoof when I cannot move.

You dress my cut in your first-aid hut.

When fire sweeps across the slopes

you cause the rain

—- a sweet refrain.

Surely you will not abandon me

when I spring up upon your knee.

Should I be picked for sacrifice

it all will be a worthwhile price,

for you restore

and promise more,

my Faithful Friend ’til journey’s end.

– Composed by Milton Hook 1 December 2014. Used with permission.

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