A Jewish Teacher Finds the Messiah Through ‘Jesus Only’

Aug 30, 2015 1608


David Karuhanga found the Messiah through the book “Jesus Only” (here in English and Luganda translation.)

When Desmond Ford’s book Jesus Only was published in Africa and went to Uganda, they were stored in the home of Moses Lukwago. Moses is a friend of Good News Unlimited (GNU), a vivacious man who is full of boundless energy for the gospel. He lives in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

One weekend, Moses was visited by one of his relatives, David Karuhanga. David lives 471 KM away in Kigumba. David confesses Judaism as his beloved faith, and he has been for many years a teacher of Judaism.

When David visited Moses, he was presented with the book Jesus Only in the Luganda language (the language of Uganda). David was surprised by two things: the title of the book, and the fact that it was being given away as a gift. So David entered into a discussion with Moses about the subject matter of the book (Jesus Christ), and as a result, David decided to take with him some copies of the book Jesus Only when he returned to his home. Moses did not think anything positive would result from the visit of his relative; after all, David was entrenched in his Jewish faith and until how would have nothing to do with Jesus as the Messiah.

However, the Holy Spirit works powerfully on those who seek God. David read the book. As a result, he has now accepted Jesus as his Messiah, and as the only basis of acceptance with God.

Through the book Jesus Only, David Karuhanga has entered into the fullness of his inheritance as a child of Abraham through faith in Jesus Christ.

– David Kayumba

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