“Allow me to translate Jesus Only into Swahili free of charge’’ – Julius, Rwanda

Nov 20, 2015 1672

Jesus Only in SwahiliThis surprising offer came from Brother Rwakarema Julius, who is a news editor in Rwanda. Now, translating is not something a person does for nothing; it is difficult and exacting work. And here is a brother who is very busy, and yet he offers to do this great work for no cost!

But what motivates a person to do this work? Brother Julius recently read the book Jesus Only after he made contact with sister Emma in Rwanda. The book made such an impression on him that he felt called by Christ to translate it so that many Swahili speakers might have the opportunity to read about the Gospel in this special book.

I was so moved by the offer of this brother and I thanked him in the name of Jesus.

I told him that Jesus Only has already been translated into Kinyarwanda, Luganda and Swahili – by dedicated volunteers moved by the love of God and their great desire to share the Gospel.

But while their work of translation has been done, we are still in great need of a skilled editor to complete Pastor Boaz’ translation into Swahili. I told Brother Julius we would be very grateful if he felt moved by God to do this important editing work.

I am so pleased to report that Brother Julius has already started editing Yesu Pekee. This is an answer to prayer for many people, and I praise God for the wonderful people he has sent to support our great work of spreading the Word fast.

– David Kayumba

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